For this article, Adventure Tour brings you a definitive guide through the humble-sized Ranoh Island situated at Pulau Galang-Baru, south of Batam. It lies right next to Pulau Abang and boasts the beauty of its gradient seascapes and untamed natural beaches.

It takes around 2-3 hours to get there from Singapore. Before directly heading to the island, make sure that you already have your booking as they do not accommodate walk-ins. Once you have settled your reservation, begin by taking a 45-minute to one-hour ferry ride from the Harbour Front Centre via Majestic Fast Ferry. The ferry ride from HFC going to Sekupang leaves at 7:20 am while going to Batam Centre departs at 8:10 am. Upon arriving at Batam, brace yourself for another hour as you ride a minibus going to the Galang Terminal. This will pass by the six bridges of the Beralang Bridge. Finally, catch a trip going to Ranoh Island from the Ranoh Jetty at 10:00am and take a speedboat ride for 15 minutes.


Welcome to Ranoh Island!


What to Do

There are several water activities to enjoy in Ranoh Island. These include snorkelling, canoeing, kayak, ocean rafting, fishing, jet skiing, banana boat, disco boat, crazy UFO, the inflatable island, water park, and flying fish.

If you are not into these extreme sports, you can go for other beach games like beach volleyball, beach soccer, soft archery, and Frisbee. You can also try the free facilities offered on the island such as darts, chess, Xiangqi, and Mah-jong. If you want to make the most out of your quiet time, relax by the beach on a hammock, under the sun tent, or beneath a big umbrella.

Most of these island activities already come in a package, and we highly recommend you to take advantage of this because availing them individually would surely cost you more money.

Additionally, do take note that 4:00 pm is the only time that they would be able to transport the tourists back to Galang Terminal. This is to ensure the safety of guests from the water currents that become stronger towards the sunset.


What to Eat

The food available on Ranoh Island are mostly grilled and spicy, though other Batamian specialties are also available. Their rice is significantly drier compared to how we cook our rice in Singapore.

Fish, prawn, chicken, vegetable, and soup dishes are served in the few eateries found on the island. One must-try is the Ikan Bakar, oozing with strong seafood barbecue taste. You shouldn’t also miss out on Cha Kue, an Indonesian delicacy made out of noodles and fried carrot cake, best paired with Otah-Otah. For a more tangy option, order fried chicken in rojak sauce. You can choose to eat them with sautéed vegetables and rice. Finish off your meal with Martabak as your dessert.

These restaurants would usually offer mineral water in water dispensers where you can freely get your fill from. You can also request for hot tea once you feel overly sated especially when you’ve eaten from buffet meals. Staff from Ranoh Island are generally friendly and hospitable. They’d be happy to help you with your vacation concerns, and some would even respond to you in fluent English.


Where to Stay

There are some bunk beds you can rent from the island, similar to a hostel set-up. Since the place had just reopened last year, it could not yet cater to large groups.

Guests are accommodated in two shared rooms, each with six comfortable beds and corresponding electricity outlets. Lockers are also provided to keep your valuables safe. The common bathroom and toilet are positioned just a few steps away from the bedroom for everyone’s convenience.

Wi-fi is not available in this area, so it would really be an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. It’s also the perfect chance to make new friends from Indonesia and around the world.


Spend one exciting day at Ranoh Island!

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